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Comprised of 16 colleges located strategically across the state and two internationally-renowned statewide programs: readySC™ and Apprenticeship Carolina™, the SC Technical College System is dedicated to furthering economic and workforce development in South Carolina.

SC Technical College System organizational structure: Apprenticeship Carolina, Division of Economic Development: readySC and E-zone Program, Continuing Education, Credit Programs

As the state’s largest higher education system, the SC Technical System serves more than 144,000 South Carolinians each year and educates educates nearly half of all South Carolina undergraduates attending a public college or university. Dedicated to making a quality higher education both accessible and affordable, the System plays a key role in educating and training South Carolina’s workforce for the in-demand, high-skilled jobs of today and tomorrow. In addition, the System’s internationally-recognized statewide programs – readySC and Apprenticeship Carolina – work to attract new companies to the state as well as provide comprehensive workforce solutions to ensure they stay and grow here.

By making a quality higher education accessible, affordable and relevant to the people of South Carolina, the SC Technical College System is preparing our state’s workforce for the jobs of today and the careers of tomorrow.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

The SC Technical College System is not only preparing students of all ages for real work today, but also demonstrating a commitment to increasing the employability of all South Carolinians and ultimately enhancing the quality of life for all.


To lead the nation in offering affordable, accessible and relevant workforce education and training programs that are innovative, technologically advanced and life changing for current and future generations.


The System provides learning opportunities that advance workforce development, promote economic development and ensure attainment of student learning goals – effectively increasing the employability of all South Carolinians and, ultimately, enhancing the quality of life for all our state’s citizens.


Partnership: Economic and resource development through business and industry, government and community partnerships

Public Trust: Accountability in educational effectiveness and resource management

Responsiveness: Flexibility and adaptability in responding to changing economic and human resource development, community and workplace needs

Opportunity: The right of every citizen to reach his or her full potential through education

Access: Equal and affordable access to lifelong learning opportunities

Diversity: The educational richness of a culturally diverse faculty, staff and student population

Integrity: Ethics, honesty and respect for academic freedom in all professional activities and relationships