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Interpersonal Violence Prevention & Support Apps

Circle of 6 App

Circle of 6 App allows you to connect with your friends and emergency contacts regardless of device. Circle of 6 allows you to choose 6 of your most trusted companions to automatically being connected to your phone and a pre-programmed SMS alert message along with GPS location. It is quick and discreet. Available for iPhone and Android.


Guardly is an instant two-way messenger between you and safety groups, local authorities and nearby security. The app allows you to create specific types of emergency situations from an uncomfortable date to walking alone at night. The app even allows you to connect specific situations with specific accompanying contacts chosen by you. Available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows phones.

Panic Guard

Panic Guard is another safety campus app that can be activated through a button or through shaking the phone. It comes with key feature of audio recording any emergency situation. You can also alert both police, security, and personal emergency contacts you’ve selected. The App also tracks your location even after leaving the original scene so authorities will know your location. Also connects to social media and email and sms text message. Available for iphone and Android.

Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Services

  • FAINN- Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network
    800.656.HOPE (4673)

  • DoD Safe Helpline (Military) 

  • Harriet Hancock LGBT Center

  • SC Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
    (803) 256.2900
    Toll Free: 1.800.260.9293

  • FBI Human Trafficking Division

  • Mayo Clinic on Healthy Relationships