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Dual enrollment was made possible in South Carolina by the 2005 Education and Economic Development Act. Dual enrollment applies to students who are enrolled in both high school and college.

There are many benefits to taking advantage of dual enrollment. The Community College Research Center’s recent study found that dual enrollment participation is positively related to a range of college outcomes, including college enrollment and persistence, greater credit accumulation and a higher college GPA.

The SC Technical College System provides the majority of the state’s dual enrollment programs. Overall, the System had 15,283 dual enrollments during the 2012-13 academic year. This number represents a 7% increase from 2011-12.

The number of dual enrollment course sections offered by our colleges continues to rise. At the end of AY2012-13, the System offered 1061 courses – 61 more courses than the previous year.

Top Ten Course Prefixes and Number of Students Enrolled

Top Ten Course Prefixes and Number of Students Enrolled: English, Mathematics, History, Allied Health Science, Welding, Automotive Technology, Engineering Graphics Technology, Psychology, Computer Technology, Building Construction Technology (subject to change each year)