Terms and Conditions: 
The Finance Division: Internal Audits has the primary responsibility for receiving and investigating reported incidents; however, the Audit Manager may contact other officials, as deemed appropriate, to establish a team to proceed with the review of allegations. To the extent possible under state and federal law, source information will be kept confidential by the investigative team.

Faculty, staff, and administrators at all levels are accountable for setting the appropriate degree of intolerance for dishonest or fraudulent acts by complying with laws, rules, regulations and policies.

Faculty and administrators should be aware of the risks and exposures in their area of responsibility and are responsible for establishing and maintaining proper internal controls that will provide for the security and accountability of the resources entrusted to them.

In those instances where the investigation indicates possible criminal activity, the investigation will be turned over to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

The results of investigations conducted by the Finance Division: Internal Audits will be communicated orally and/or in writing to the Board of Trustees, the President of the SCTCS, and other appropriate administrators.

Faculty, staff, and administrators who are acting in good faith to report suspected dishonest or fraudulent acts are protected by state law (SC Code of Laws Title 8, Chapter 27) against retaliation by the SCTCS or its member institutions for making such a report; however, any person determined to make frivolous claims under this policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary procedures including termination from employment.


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