President's Corner

President’s Corner: Our Impact is Direct and Critical to State’s Success

  Tim Hardee

Dr. Tim Hardee, System President

Since its creation over 50 years ago, the SC Technical College System remains focused on the important work of growing our state’s workforce. We continue to dedicate our resources to educating and training a world-class workforce for competitive, high-demand jobs in our state.

The System’s stats are impressive. South Carolina’s technical colleges serve more of South Carolina’s undergraduates than all the other public colleges and universities combined. In fact, 57 percent of all South Carolinians enrolled as undergraduates in one of our state’s public higher education institutions attend one of our 16 colleges. Student success is an essential driver for the System. Our outstanding placement rates show that 87 percent of our graduates are either employed in a job related to their education or are continuing their education. In addition, our innovative Apprenticeship Carolina program has increased the number of registered apprenticeship programs in the state more than nine-fold. The System’s readySC program is consistently listed as a top economic development incentive for workforce training and recruitment.

Companies seek a higher skill level than just those obtained with a high school education. Business and industry leaders are looking for more advanced reading and writing skills as well as a full understanding of numerical and measurement concepts.

These skills, coupled with developed interpersonal skills, job-specific technical skills and mature problem-solving skills, lead to careers that are predicted to grow. Studies show that the majority of future jobs in South Carolina will require more than a high school diploma but less than a four-year degree. These are good jobs for our state — jobs with high wages and good benefits that the System is perfectly poised to educate and train South Carolinians to fill.

To this end, the System is constantly working to further enhance our key partnerships across the state including those with K-12 and four-year colleges and universities. We are growing dual enrollment and youth apprenticeship opportunities as well as expanding our bridge and guaranteed transfer programs. All this work to prepare South Carolinians for the jobs coming to our state.

Each day we boost our students’ employability and improve their quality of life. The System’s impact is direct and profound on the daily lives of South Carolinians and critical to our state’s success.

Thank you.

Dr. Tim Hardee
System President